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Cuba's emerging real estate market

MIAMI, USA -- Fuego Enterprises, Inc. has announced a new specialized publication on Cuba's emerging real estate market, OnCuba Real Estate Magazine.

OnCuba, the broadest communication platform on Cuba for the North American market, with national distribution in Cuba and the US, is making available this April a new publication for the North American public: "OnCuba Real Estate," dedicated to the island's emerging real estate market.

Its purpose will be to inform and illustrate the current reality and development of the real estate market from its beginnings, addressing various issues such as: architectural values and trends, the vision of young interior designers, real estate developments, renovations and new construction, among other things. Up until now there has not been any magazine dedicated exclusively to real estate in Cuba. 'OnCuba Real Estate' is a quarterly magazine, with content and photos especially created for the publication, designed and published in digital format, to be read from different platforms and devices for digital consumption. This will allow for widespread dissemination reaching beyond the boundaries of the North American and Cuban markets. "We expect that the United States will be an essential actor in the present and future Cuban real estate market. OnCuba aims to create a communication platform that will enable the general public as well as specialists to acquire in-depth knowledge on the real estate scene in Cuba, based on the criteria of experts and key figures addressing these issues," noted Hugo Cancio, CEO/president of Fuego Enterprises, Inc. "We are convinced that starting in the first week in April, 'OnCuba Real Estate' will become the authoritative publication on the Cuban real estate market," he added.

Courtesy: Caribbean News Now

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