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US cancer institute sign agreement to import vaccine developed in Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Thursday April 23, 2015, CMC –Cuba’s Center of Molecular Immunology and New York’s Roswell Park Cancer Institute, have signed an agreement to export to the United States, a therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer developed here. “The agreement will allow us to limit ourselves to clinical trials of the vaccine when we get to New York,” said Candace Johnson, the director of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute . Johnson was part of a trade delegation from New York, led by governor, Andrew Cuomo, to explore business options here, in addition to promoting exchanges in education and research. “We are excited to bring the vaccine to the US and treating patients. This would not have been possible without this trade mission, which facilitated the initialing of the agreement face to face, “said Johnson The vaccine against lung cancer was created in Cuba in 2011 after 15 years of research with patent rights worldwide. The vaccine – Cimivax, reportedly doubles as a treatment for lung cancer . The vaccine is registered in Cuba and Peru, although countries like Brazil, Argentina and Colombia are in the process for registration, and others such as the UK and Australia have conducted clinical trials . Courtesy: Caribbean360

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