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CTO seeks regional and international help to tackel sargassum seaweed problem

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) is engaging regional and international institutions to find a solution to the influx of sargassum seaweed on regional beaches that is threatening the region’s tourism product.

While stressing that the Caribbean has more than just beaches to attract tourists – including its culture, cuisine, and music – the CTO acknowledged that the beach is an integral part of a tourist’s experience and the sargassum seaweed was therefore “an unwelcome visitor”.

“We are aware that the influx of sargassum can impact this aspect of our product and we will be at the centre of efforts to find a regional solution,” it assured.

“The CTO and our Caribbean partners are treating this matter seriously and with urgency . . . A number of theories have been advanced as to the cause of the latest influx, and myriad suggestions put forward for tackling the issue,” the organization further noted, adding that a symposium led by the University of the West Indies would be held next Monday “to crystallize these myriad ideas and theories into workable solutions that can be implemented immediately to address our situation”.

The CTO said it was optimistic that meaningful solutions will emerge from that symposium.

From Barbados to Mexico, beach clean-ups have been taking place to at least reduce the amount of the seaweed on the usually pristine beaches.

Courtesy: Caribbean 360

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