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Guyana seeks Canada's support against Veneuzela's aggression

Guyana is looking forward to Canada’s support against the territorial claims by Venezuela as it seeks to strengthen its ties with that country, through new Canadian High Commissioner to Guyana, Pierre Giroux.

This was communicated to the diplomat by Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge, at a reception hosted by the Canadian High Commissioner on Wednesday evening.

In welcoming the High Commissioner to Guyana, Minister Greenidge said that Guyana has always had a long history of friendship and collaboration with Canada, both at the governmental level and through people to people interactions.

“Our two countries have worked closely in areas of common interest on a bilateral, regional and global agenda and this close friendship was facilitated on the positions we share on a variety of areas. Guyana values these relations and looks forward to the continuing growth of this partnership,” a Government Information Agency (GINA) quoted the Minister as saying.

He noted that some of the country’s largest investors, especially in the mining industry, were Canadians, while a number of projects and programmes for community and national development, were made possible through this partnership.

Minister Greenidge committed the Administration’s efforts to fostering and building partnerships with all States.

“We wish to applaud you for the relationship we have shared. We hope to build on the areas of success that have characterised our relationship. This new Administration will seek to improve Guyana’s international standing. It is important that the country continues on an upward trajectory. We are committed to working with partners in the Region to enhance security, democracy, as well as prosperity,” the Foreign Affairs Minister said.

Meanwhile, High Commissioner Giroux said that Canada’s relationship with Guyana was one that was long and friendly and it was his hope that it could be further strengthened with his presence here.

He noted that with the recent discovery of oil, Guyana was on the verge of changes that were most profound and Canada would like to ensure that a firm partnership was established so as to maximise the country’s potential.

“We want to build and move forward. The Canadian High Commission will work tirelessly to build and foster this relationship between Guyana and Canada,” Giroux said.

The event was attended by several Government Ministers, Members of the Opposition, Members of Parliament, and members of the Diplomatic Corps.

Courtesy: Guyana Times

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