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The Fourth Americas Competitiveness Exchange on Innovation and Entrepreneurship begins today in Argentina

Monday, October 26, 2015

More than 25 representatives from 16 countries of the Americas arrived today in Argentina to establish contacts with economic development leaders of other countries and generate collaboration and business alliances with strategic partners in the Province of Cordoba, Argentina. The Americas Competitiveness Exchange on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACE) is an activity of the Inter-American Competitiveness Network (RIAC), and will take place from today, Monday 26 until Friday, October 30, 2015.

"For five days, participants will meet with business incubators, local technology-based companies, rural production centers, local subsidiaries of international companies, research centers and public-private initiatives," stated Guillermo Acosta, Minister of Industry, Trade, Mining and Scientific and Technological Development of the Province of Córdoba. "The visits will focus on medical technology clusters; high-precision measuring instruments applied to mining and industry; agrobusinesses and manufacturing."

As part of the agenda, the participants will visit Crea FabLab, a digital manufacturing laboratory; Mercado Libre, an e-commerce platform operating in 12 countries; Incutex, an incubator of technology-based companies; SavantPharm, a pharmaceutical industry high levels of innovation; Arcor, an Argentina-based multinational company that specializes in food production; Spinlock, an enterprise which specializes in industrial applications for magnetic and nuclear quadrupole resonance; Aceitera General Deheza, an agrobusiness complex dedicated to processing oleaginous seeds for vegetable proteins, vegetable oils, biodiesel and bioethanol production; The Villa Maria Cheese Cluster, which brings together and represents all participants of the cheese production value chain of the Villa Maria region, and Raomed, a Cordoba company dedicated to the manufacture of custom orthopedic implants, among others.

Among the 25+ participants taking part in the Exchange figure: Jerónimo Silva Valenzuela, Manager of economic development in ProBogotá, Colombia; Cindy Megaglia Economic analysist for the External Commerce Development Agency of Costa Rica; Florípes del Rocío Samaniego, Director of the Research Center of the Polytechnical College of Chimborazo, Ecuador; Anael Espinal Varela, Chair of the National ISO 279 Mirror Committee of Honduras; Iván Gerardo Torres, President of the young entrepreneur's affiliation of the National Confederation of Chambers of Commerce of Mexico; Nora Angélica Medina, Coordinator of Business Development at the Technological Park ITAIPU, Paraguay; José Forero Lora, Director of the ESAN Fablab in Lima, Peru; Daniel Yavuz, Director of the Division on Industrial Policies for the Department of Industry of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Uruguay; and David Michael Drennon, Vice-President of Strategic Initiatives for the Arizona Commerce Authority, United States.

"The tour offers a unique opportunity for participants working on similar issues to meet and spark new collaborations, whether in the public, private or academic sector", mentioned Maryse Robert, Director of the Department of Economic Development of the OAS. "The Americas Competitiveness Exchanges have become of great importance for the OAS in promoting competitiveness, innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. We are proud to say that over 150 opportunities for technical assistance, exchange of experiences and trade have resulted from the three previous editions of the Exchange. "

The convening institutions of the IV ACE are: The Ministry of Industry, Trade, Mining and Scientific and Technological Development of the Government of the Province of Córdoba, Argentina; the Organization of American States (OAS) as the RIAC Technical Secretariat; the Permanent Mission of Argentina to the OAS; the Government of Guatemala, as Chair Pro Tempore of the RIAC 2015, and the U.S. Department of Commerce.
The schedule of visits and the full list of participants are available at:

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