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CCAA 39th Annual Conference: The new era in regional integration

The Caribbean Central American Action’s (CCAA) 39th Annual Conference will be held in Miami, Florida from November 15-17, 2015.

Focusing on the emergence of Cuba as a newly integrated force in the regional economy, the conference is themed “A New Era in Regional Integration”. Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce (CAIC) Secretary, Dav-Ernan Kowlessar, as a trustee of the CCAA, will represent the CAIC.

The CCAA’s Board Meeting is expected to be held on the opening day of the Conference. Kowlessar, a business management and trade expert will represent at these round table and plenary discussions, affording CAIC the opportunity to contribute, establish and observe new approaches to regional business development and multi-lateral trade.

The Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba, a member of the CAIC, completed another successful annual Trade Fair earlier in November. With the focus of this conference on Cuba, CAIC is looking forward to the dialogue and trusts that Cuban interests will be protected as the country takes centre stage with the pending removal of the US trade embargo.

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