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Help us get geothermal project going, Dominica PM tells private sector

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is pleading with private sector organizations to invest in Dominica’s geothermal project which he considers critical to the island’s development.

He made the call as he pointed out that as a small island state, Dominica is often placed in a difficult position of having to choose between renewable energy investment and other major developments, because of a lack of resources.

“We should never have a situation where our country should have to make a determination on whether we advance our renewable energy initiatives or divert the resources to other areas,” Skerrit said.

“The sustainable use of our natural resources are too critical to our survival for us to be forced to make a determination on whether we invest in geothermal energy or we reconstruct our roads. I believe that we should have sufficient access to the resources to allow us to do both simultaneously.”

The Prime Minister restated his government’s commitment to the geothermal project.

“The project will be pursued by the government whether it is with a loan or with a partner, I am saying that that project will be pursued by the people and Government of Dominica. I believe it is an opportunity for the private sector…to be part owners by putting equity into this project and having a joint project between the Government and yourself,” Skerrit said.

Swedish Ambassador to Dominica Claes Hammer has given a commitment to support Dominica’s efforts in geothermal energy.

Courtesy: Caribbean 360

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