“Do you know someone who has made, or is making now, an exceptional contribution towards increasing access or utilization of sustainable energy in the Region?” or “Have you, yourself, made a significant difference in the energy sector in your community, your country, or the Region as a whole?”

During the CARICOM Energy Month, the Energy Personality Award will give recognition to champions of a sustainable future for the Caribbean. You can nominate a colleague, someone you admire, someone who has done groundbreaking work, and that someone can be You, as we accept self-nominations.

To make a nomination see the Rules and Guidelines and download the Energy Personality Award Nomination Form

o This call for nomination is open to all CARICOM nationals and citizens
o Nominees must be involved in or have made contributions by way of an initiative towards achieving the sustainable development goals; in particular those related to energy in any of the following categories:
 Renewable Energy
 Energy Efficiency and Conservation
 Energy Access
 Rural Electrification
 Other categories will be considered
o Entries will only be judged if they meet the eligibility criteria
o The Staff of the CARICOM Secretariat as well as the Energy Personality Award Judges and their immediate family are not eligible to participate

Nomination Stage
This will be a Regional Award taking place for all CARICOM Member States. The call for nomination will be launched during CARICOM Energy Month 2017 over a four (4) week period). The winner will be announced during March 2018.

Entry Period
The Energy Personality Award begins on Monday, November 13, 2017 and ends on Friday, December 15, 2017. Nominations submitted after the entry period will not be

How to Enter
o Nominations for the award must be submitted by completing the Energy Personality Award Nomination Form which can be also be found on the CARICOM.Energy Facebook
o The form must be fully completed to be deemed as a successful entry and should be
submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
o Proof of nationality or citizenship – submit a scanned copy of any one of the following (Birth Certificate / Bio-data page of passport / Identification card)
o Self-nomination is permitted
o Nominators are required to provide evidence of their nominees contributions
o Nominees are required to support their nominators contribution

Criteria & Judging
o The selection process will take place during the period January to February, 2018
o Winners for the Regional Energy Personality Award will be selected by a panel of esteemed judges
o Nominations will be judged on the following criteria:

Criteria Weight
Innovation / Creativity 30 %
Social and Environmental Impact 20 %
Economic and Technical Impact 20 %
Replicability and Scalability 20 %
Motivation 10 %

Questions about the Rules and Guidelines and Nomination Form can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nomination Form
The Energy Personality Award Nomination Form contains five (5) Sections:
Section 1. General Contact Information
Section 2. Summary Information related to the Initiative
Section 3. Detailed Information related to the Initiative
Section 4. Documentation and Proof of Initiative
Section 5. Declaration and Authorization

Checklist for submission:
 Proof of Nationality or Citizenship
 CV of Nominee ( Section 1 of Nomination Form )
 Photos and Documentation (Section 4 of Nomination Form)
 Completed and signed Nomination Form (Section 5 of Nomination Form)