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Joint CARIFORUM-EU Consultative Committee Meeting
Monday 06 November 2017, 09:00am
To Tuesday 07 November 2017
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The CARIFORUM-EU Consultative Committee (CC) was established with the task and responsibility of assisting the Joint Council (JC) to promote dialogue and cooperation between representatives of organisations of civil society, including the academic community, and social and economic partners. The dialogue is to encompass all economic, social and environmental aspects of the relations between the Parties to the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), as they arise in the context of the implementation of the EPA.

It is made up of forty (40) standing representatives of organisations of the civil society, twenty-five (25) selected by the CARIFORUM States and fifteen (15) in representation of organisations located in the European Union.

The Committee also makes recommendations to the CARIFORUM-EU Trade and Development (TD) Committee and to the CARIFORUM-EU Parliamentary Committee.


The aim of this 3rd meeting of the Joint CARIFORUM-EU Consultative Committee is to continue the dialogue and to agree on a plan of action that will lead to the identification of thematic priorities to monitor the implementation of the EPA. As such, it is anticipated that Non-State Actors (NSA) will share experiences, exchange knowledge, and approaches in monitoring EPA Implementation.  NSA will lobby to be genuine partners for development and to be integrated into the implementation strategies and frameworks. The main outcome of the meeting has to be clear messages on the various priority issues and challenges that could inform the work of the Trade & Development Committee and the Joint Council. The Committee will also be exploring the goal for a broader and deeper partnerships between state and non-state actors and a proactive role in the monitoring of EPA implementation.

Location Hilton, Trinidad and Tobago