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About Us



The creation of a Caribbean Private Sector that is internationally competitive and cohesive in its approach to dealing with opportunities and challenges.



The Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce is committed to facilitating the development, growth and competitive positioning of Caribbean Businesses in the changing world economy, by providing products and services that are value-adding to our members and representing their interests in regional, international and hemispheric fora.


About Us

CAIC started in 1955 as a private sector mission of the West Indian Incorporated Chambers of Commerce- headed by Sir Garnet Gordon. In 1962 CAIC was instrumental in coordinating a crucial meeting between the Caribbean Private Sector and Heads of Government which culminated in the establishment of CARIFTA which eventually evolved into CARICOM. In 1970 it was named the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce. In 2012 the CAIC is undergoing a restructuring process and its Secretariat was outsourced, and its value orientation redefined.

Today, CAIC is an umbrella organization for private sector representative bodies. We are a supporting voice at the regional level for national representative bodies and seek to impact upon the development, growth and competitive positioning of the Caribbean business environment through partnership activities.

We are structured to meet the changing economic and social conditions of the Region - through the promotion and furthering of trade in the region.


Statement of Values and Operating Philosophy

  • The CAIC will represent the interests of all its members without favour to any grouping or country.
  • The CAIC will foster cooperative relationships among its members and with private sector bodies from other regions.
  • The CAIC will be responsive to the needs of its members in order to remain relevant and strategically important to the Caribbean Private Sector.
  • The CAIC will foster cooperative relationships between Caribbean business interests and governmental bodies on matters related to Policy Advocacy, Trade and Regional Integration, in order to create the most favourable environment for the Caribbean Private Sector to invest and expand, and generate additional employment.