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Public Consultation - Evaluation of the CARIFORUM EU EPA

The European Commission is conducting public consultations where you can express your views on aspects of EU laws and policies before the Commission finalises its proposals.

Stakeholders directly affected by the Agreement include: -
 -Businesses (including SMEs) in the Caribbean and in the EU, including from agricultural and fisheries sectors, as well as agro-industry and other manufacturing sectors, industry, and services providers;
 -Business organisations, associations and chambers of commerce in CARIFORUM and in the EU at regional, sectoral, national or local level;
 - Workers representatives and trade unions in the Caribbean and the EU;
 -Citizens/individuals, workers, consumers in CARIFORUM and the EU, including Outermost Regions;
Further stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Agreement, for instance:
 -Public authorities: at EU, Member State and local level in the EU, and at federal, state and municipal level in CARIFORUM countries;
 -NGOs and other civil society organisations, including trade unions and organisations representing consumer, environmental, social, and human rights issues, in the EU and CARIFORUM;
Other stakeholders interested in trade policy, for instance:
 -Academia, research institutions, experts, think-tanks and consultancies in the EU and in Cariforum.

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