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Request for Expressions of Interest - Development of SME Diagnostic Tool

Caribbean Export has taken the decision to re-publish the RfP for the development of a SME Diagnostic tool due to the submissions received not meeting our requirements.  Further clarification is therefore provided below to allow for applicants to better prepare their proposals. Background The development of CARIFORUM firms into world class companies with globally competitive brands requires that trade promotion and business support organisations create an enabling environment to support this long term development objective. This means providing support programmes that are impactful and target specific needs. The identification of these needs must be scientific and assessed through a standard methodology that takes into account all business areas. As such, Caribbean Export has taken a proactive approach by initiating a project to develop an SME Diagnostic Tool. It is expected that this tool will enhance competitiveness in the private sector by creating a standardised, expert-based methodology for accurately assessing SMEs and identify the areas where development is required. In doing so, Caribbean Export can then develop a tailored approach of targeted interventions and other support mechanisms to address these gaps. The expected outcomes of course are firms better equipped to compete globally. The Diagnostic tool developed must be able to identify strengths and weaknesses of the business, help to improve growth and arrest decline; focus on improvements within the business and increase the ability to attract investment. This investment can come from differing funding mechanisms, both traditional and non-traditional, including but not limited to; Angel Investors, VCs, Crowd Funding, Financial Institutions, etc. It should be directly related to measurable indicators that can be evaluated over a clearly identified time period. For more information on this consultancy please review the full Terms of Reference. Guidelines for submissions; 1.    Only submissions from ACP-EU Member States will be accepted 2.    Deadline for submissions is Friday, June 20th at 4:30 Barbados Time. Submissions received after this deadline will not be considered. 3.    Proposal should include, at a minimum:
  • ·         Understanding of the Project
  • ·         Approach/methodology
  • ·         Timelines
  • ·         Financial proposal (please separate professional fees from other expenses)
  • ·         Qualification, expertise and examples of past clients/jobs of a similar nature
4. Submissions and questions are to be submitted, electronically, to Chris McNair (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 5. Each Application will be evaluated on both the technical and financial elements of the proposal based on an 80:20 technical to financial split. A minimum score of 70 (out of 100) is required to be considered for final selection. Additional instructions for proposers;
  • ·         Financial Proposal – We are asking that your budget is all inclusive and detailed. Some proposals spoke to their professional fees only and indicated an expectation that Caribbean Export would pay for accommodation, per diem etc. We would be grateful if your financial proposal is very specific and includes all the cost elements needed to successfully deliver the project.
  • ·         IT vs Diagnostic Tool – Some of the proposals received were weighted very heavily on the ICT side. Please be reminded that you are being asked to develop a SME Diagnostic Tool, how this is built out on an ICT platform is secondary to the methodology involved in the development of the Tool itself. I would also advise applicants to stay away from the heavy use of IT jargons and mathematical equations.
  • ·         Annual license fees – Unfortunately the Agency cannot engage in any licensing arrangement with a service provider with an existing Tool (to be customized to our needs). The Agency has a very clear idea of what its needs are and is seeking an expert to help develop a proprietary tool.
  • ·         Demonstrable Experience – This is very important and plays a crucial role in the evaluation process. It is not sufficient to simple state that you have experience developing Diagnostic Tools. You must be able to demonstrate that as well.
The Agency hopes these few points will be able to provide the guidance needed to prepare and submit your proposals.