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CAIC pledges support to Cricket West Indies

CAIC at WICB Post-AGM Press Conference

Notwithstanding the decision of CARICOM to call for the dissolution of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), the Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce (CAIC) reviewed the recommendation of the Independent Review Panel of the CARICOM Sub-Committee on Cricket Governance and declared support for Cricket West Indies at its 17th Annual General Meeting in Jamaica over the weekend.

The matches, both domestic and international, provide an avenue for business to take place. While fault has been found with the management and governance structure of the Cricket Board, the CAIC sees an opportunity to provide support to the commercial arm of CWI, improve cricket from the ground level through the introduction of technology and increase business for the private sector. The CAIC further noted the many steps taken to address the issues of Risk and Governance and applauds the Board accordingly.

Over the years the WICB and WIPA have been in contention with each other and in the past couple of years have arrived at an understanding. While the call from CARICOM to dissolve the WICB may result in the governments withdrawing their support, the CWI will continue to offer governments the opportunity to bid for hosting of matches especially as India is expected to be on tour this year.

WICB President Dave Cameron quipped to the press conference that in response to CARICOM, the WICB was dissolved, however he quickly added that at the quarterly meeting of the WICB, the CWI was established and together with the commercial entity will replace the WICB. The CWI will comprise of the Board on the governance side and a commercial entity for management and operations. Unimplemented recommendations made in the Lucky, Patterson and Wilkin reports are to be reviewed by an independent committee towards adopting relevant areas for implementation.

The CAIC recognizes West Indian cricket as one of the true unifying forces in the region as well as the region's international brand. In the coming months an MoU is to be established between the CAIC and the CWI.

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