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Garnering Philanthropic/Private Sector Support to achieve SDGs in the Caribbean

New York, N.Y. (September 27th 2019) – The newly formed Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance (CariPhil Alliance) has been recognized by the United Nations (UN) as one of the Accelerated Actions that will accelerate achievements of the SDGs in the Caribbean region.
The commitment posted on the UN website as SDG Action # 33855 outlines the expected impact of the initiative to scale up existing activities that are aligned to the SDGs; undertake new activities that are aligned to the SDGs; and forge more regional and international collaboration and partnerships that can enhance the achievement of the SDGs.


It is expected that the multi-stakeholder linkages created will enhance these outcomes as well as close existing gaps. This includes bringing greater awareness about the SDGs to the private and philanthropic sectors and fostering more public-private sector partnerships.
This initiative heralds a milestone for the private sector in the Caribbean region.


While climate change and its impact on the region was the lead theme, major issues at the panel discussion included the necessity for education and awareness of regional challenges; the inclusion of youth perspectives; the role of women; the participation by media; and the need for legislative change regionally to support philanthropy. It was noted that social ills such crime can be alleviated through strategic collaboration.

Supporters of the Caribbean Philanthropic Alliance participated in a panel discussion at the SDG Action Zone last evening on the issue of “Tackling Core Development Challenges.” The Panel was moderated by Prof. Rosalea Hamilton, CEO, LASCO Chin Foundation and included speakers: Hon. Lascelles Augustus Chin, Founder/Chairman Lasco Affiliated Companies; Prof. Guerda Nicolas, Co-Founder/Board Secretary, Ayiti Community Trust; Grace Burnett, CEO & President, GKMS Group; CEO, GraceKennedy Financial Group; Kiran Maharaj, President/Co-Founder, Media Institute of the Caribbean; Menelik Graham, Princeton University Student; and Chaz Garraway, Dalhousie University Student. The interview session was done in the media zone and speakers included Fred Kennedy, Rosalea Hamilton and Matthew Lynn.

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